What To Expect

Please fill out our patient information form before your visit to Coastal Therapy Partners.

Occupational Therapy New Patient Paperwork

Speech Therapy New Patient Paperwork

Upon your first visit to Coastal Therapy Partners, you can first and foremost expect a warm and friendly environment, a kind and enthusiastic greeting and superior treatment. Our receptionist and/or billing coordinator will provide you with a case history questionnaire for you to complete and a copy of your insurance information will be obtained. You will then have the privilege of meeting one of our fantastic Speech Pathologists and/or Occupational Therapists who will explain the what to expect, the evaluation process and answer any initial questions you may have. At that time, you, your child or whoever is being assessed will accompany the therapist to a private therapy room for a comprehensive evaluation. Once the evaluation is completed, your therapist will take a few minutes to score and review the results of the assessment. They will then meet with you to discuss the findings and provide a diagnosis if applicable. If a diagnosis is made and a disorder is found, your therapist will give you recommendations for treatment in regards to frequency, prognosis and expectations, as well as, techniques to use at home. Our goal is to be sure you leave feeling knowledgeable, reassured, hopeful and excited. We want to turn potential into possible for all of our patients!