At Coastal Therapy Partners, we want our clients to have a great experience with us.    Share with us so that we may share with others about how our therapists have made an impact.

Below are a few testimonials from some satisfied patients:

“My son, Jacob struggled to read and with reading comprehension. He is 10 years old and is in the 4th grade. He started the LIPS program in July 2006 and completed it in January 2007. He is now reading 6th grade level books. He enjoys reading. He is on the 9th volume of the “Lemony Snicket” series. His reading comprehension also improved. Now when he takes and Accelerated Reader(AR) test he makes 90’s and 100’s. He has achieved his AR goals each 9 weeks. He even surpasses his goal and tries to get over 100%. His confidence and self-esteem have been improved with each success!

-Mother/Parent of Client


“Many of our children are having success in reading and spelling. Their self-esteem has increased and they are excited about learning.”

Carolyn Pearce-EC Chairperson @ CIS Academy


“The staff at Coastal Speech have supported us through testing and IEP meetings. They have helped ensure Morgan’s academic success.”

-Mother/Parent-Banessa Williams


“Our family has noticed a big difference in speech. She is easier to understand and is using complete sentences when talking.”

-Ms. Fergeson, grandmother


Our daughter works on her articulation at Coastal Speech. We have been very pleased with her progress. In the beginning her dad could not understand her and it was difficult getting her to repeat herself. Now we can understand her and she is more comfortable talking with people.

-Amber & James – parents


My son attends Coastal Speech for reading delays. In the beginning he was reading on a Kindergarten level. After one year of therapy he has made 2 years of growth. His self-confidence has improved and he is excited continuing in the program. He can now read small chapter books and his comprehension is also increasing.

-Connie & Thomas


Shani has made great gains since coming to Coastal Speech. When she reads her sentences flow and are easier to understand. We plan on her continuing in the program and we are excited about her continued improvement.



Coastal Speech helped us get our daughter identified with Central Auditory Processing. They walked us through the process and attended school meetings to help us understand what benefits and accommodations she needs for school. We are very thankful and Jada loves the therapist at Coastal Speech.



My daughter Diamond was tested at the beginning of this school year. She received a rating of 15% in reading and reading comprehension. Just recently she was retested and is now at a 24% rating. Her teacher was so excited! The LiPs program has helped her in all aspects of her academics.



“One thing I like about coming to Coastal Speech is the games!”

Daniel Bourhenne (LiPs students)